SOCT Copernicus REVO

OCT Angiography

This module allows visualization of the retinal microvasculature. Angiography SOCT is a non-invasive, dye-free technique providing 3D image of retinal blood circulation.


Single 3D Retina examination is enough to perform both Retina and Glaucoma analysis based on retinal scans. Software automatically recognizes 8 retina layers. Thusallowingamoreprecisediagnosisandmapping of any changes in the patient’s retina condition.


Comprehensive glaucoma analysis tools for Quantification of Optic Nerve Head, Retina Nerve Fiber Layer, DDLS, Ganglion layer and Asymmetry.

For standard examination no additional lens is required. Additional adapter provided with the device allows to make wide scans of anterior segment.


Spectral Domain OCT

Light Source:

SLED, Wavelength 830 nm


50 nm half bandwidth

Scanning speed:

27 000 measurements per second

Axial resolution:

5 μm in tissue

Transverse Resolution:

12 μm, typical 18 μm

Overall scan depth:

2.4 mm

Scan range:

Posterior 5–12 mm, Anterior 3–16 mm

Scan program:

3D, Radial, B-scan, Raster, Cross

Fundus image:

Live Fundus Reconstruction

Alignment method:

Fully automatic, Automatic

Retina analysis:

Retina thickness, Inner retinal thickness, Outer retinal thickness,

RNFL+GCL+IPL thickness, GCL+IPL thickness, RNFL thickness,

RPE deformation, IS/OS thickness

Glaucoma analysis:

RNFL, ONH morphology, DDLS, Ganglion analysis as RNFL+GCL+IP

and GCL+IPL, OU and Hemisphere asymmetry 


Pachymetry map, Epithelium map, LASIK flap assesment,

Angle Assessment, AIOP, AOD 500/750, TISA 500/750

Anterior Wide Scan:

Angle to Angle view (Adapter required)

Minimum pupil size:

3 mm

Focus adjustment range:

-25 D to +25 D

Dimensions (W×D×H):

382 × 549 × 462 mm


23 kg

Fixation target:

OLED display (The target shape and position can be changed),

External fixation arm

Power supply:

100–240 V, 60/50 Hz

Power consumption:

115–140 VA


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