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We stock all the major brands of Used Ophthalmic Equipment. We are constantly adding new Used Ophthalmic Equipment to our inventory. All of our used and pre-owned Ophthalmic Equipment comes with full 6 month warranty. If there is a certain brand or model that you are interested in, please contact us and we will do our best to help you find it. We have been servicing South America and the US for over 25 years.

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FB Eye Equipments is proud to be a distributor of IRIDEX - such a prestigious brand - in Central America and the Caribbean
Iridex is a pioneer in the ophthalmic laser industry. Thank you very much to Juan Carlos Torres for the trust in our company

Optopol Articles

Comparison of an upgraded optical biometer with 2 validated optical biometers

OPTOPOL PTS 2000 Compared to HFA MODEL 860

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News on REVO FC

with Real Time hardware Eye-Tracking

Optopol Technology presents the REVO FC with Real Time hardware Eye-Tracking featuring redesigned OCT optics and Fundus optical systems to provide a better quality of tomograms and fundus photographs.


The modified hardware together with version 11 of the SOCT software provide an array of new functionalities.

The improved Revo FC is a true game-changer for any practice.

New functions

  • Real time eye tracking

  • Auto Flash

  • Selectable photo intensity level (to improve patient comfort and reduce miosis for a shorter time between photos)

  • Auto IR adaptation

  • Anterior photograph

  • Pupil size classifier


  • Fundus optical system, including LED Flash module

  • Pupil size classifier

  • OCT optics for posterior and anterior segment

  • Auto Acquire mode for Fundus photo with fundus IR image position correction

  • Fundus image processing

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IOL Calculation

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SOCT Software Version 10.0.0

Optopol Technology has released SOCT software version 10.0.0. Update is available on all REVO devices*.



Key functionalities of the new SOCT Software version 10.0.0:

  • Full Range

    • Anterior Chamber scans

      • Entire Anterior Chamber in a Single Scan with a 5 mm x 16 mm scan window

      • Anterior Chamber analysis; Cornea, Aqueous Depth measurement

      • OCT Gonioscopy and Lens rise for Glaucoma and Cataract diagnostics

    • Posterior Enhanced depth

      • Expanded diagnostics with a 5 mm scan depth for nontypical cases

      • Deep Images of the Retina, Choroid and Vitreous for Highly Myopic Eyes

  • Denoise function powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms Perfect tomogram quality is now achieved without having to acquire and merge multiple tomograms. The revolutionary AI technology delivers images with greatly reduced image noise, increased detail and improved visibility, all within milliseconds.

  • Improved Biometry

    • IOL formulas (Hoffer Q, Holladay I, Haigis, Theoretical T, Regression II)

    • WTW & P (automatic and manual measurement)

  • Updated follow-up

Improved precision in positioning of follow-up examinations
The function of Extracted tomograms allows the user to reliably identify minor changes for improved monitoring of the treatment

  • Updated S&F functionalities

    • New Sectors for more sensitive S&F overlaying

    • Modified algorithm for retina segment abnormality judgement method of NFL loss detection

    • Numerical VF results overlay on the image of the OCT structure

    • Improved patient matching between OCT and VF

  • Auto Fundus registration and Link Fundus examinations

    • Auto registration with Auto detection of the fundus image type – Color, Red Free, FA, FAF, ICG, Other

    • Correlation - Fundus and OCT point to point correlation

    • Link examination - allows the user to link several OCT exams with a single fundus photo

** Available with REVO 60, REVO 80, REVO FC, REVO NX and REVO NX 130.


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Lo que se viene en correlacion estructura funcion entre el ocr revo y los campimetros de optopol

Dr. Juan Sampaolesi

Oct Optopol Revo Fc y Campimetro Pts

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